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(Note: This question was original asked in a comment.)

We are trying to connect the server with HTTPS through TLS1.2 -from my WINCE 6.0 device.
When i send the request we getting response as

2018-01-09 18:42:01 INFO HttpRequest(8)[117244586] TLS: Connection secured using cipher: TLS 1.2, RSA, AES with 256-bit key in CBC mode, SHA1
2018-01-09 18:42:01 DEBUG HttpRequest(8)[117244586] TLS: Session ID: 
 0000 |00-28-00-00-98-29-D8-57 F7-6B-84-AE-57-26-A1-C5| .(...).W.k..W&..
 0010 |9D-60-A9-4F-F6-BE-99-49 70-A1-B9-DF-2C-92-FE-3E| .`.O...Ip...,..>
2018-01-09 18:42:01 VERBOSE HttpRequest(8)[117244586] TLS: Received TLS packet: 
 0000 |17-03-02-00-71-48-54-54 50-2F-31-2E-31-20-34-30| ....qHTTP/1.1 40
 0010 |33-20-46-6F-72-62-69-64 64-65-6E-0D-0A-43-6F-6E| 3 Forbidden..Con
 0020 |74-65-6E-74-2D-4C-65-6E 67-74-68-3A-20-30-0D-0A| tent-Length: 0..
 0030 |53-65-72-76-65-72-3A-20 4D-69-63-72-6F-73-6F-66| Server: Microsof
 0040 |74-2D-48-54-54-50-41-50 49-2F-32-2E-30-0D-0A-44| t-HTTPAPI/2.0..D
 0050 |61-74-65-3A-20-54-75-65 2C-20-30-39-20-4A-61-6E| ate: Tue, 09 Jan
 0060 |20-32-30-31-38-20-32-33 3A-34-32-3A-30-32-20-47|  2018 23:42:02 G
 0070 |4D-54-0D-0A-0D-0A                              | MT....
2018-01-09 18:42:01 VERBOSE HttpRequest(8)[117244586] HTTP: Received data:
 0000 |48-54-54-50-2F-31-2E-31 20-34-30-33-20-46-6F-72| HTTP/1.1 403 For
 0010 |62-69-64-64-65-6E-0D-0A 43-6F-6E-74-65-6E-74-2D| bidden..Content-
 0020 |4C-65-6E-67-74-68-3A-20 30-0D-0A-53-65-72-76-65| Length: 0..Serve
 0030 |72-3A-20-4D-69-63-72-6F 73-6F-66-74-2D-48-54-54| r: Microsoft-HTT
 0040 |50-41-50-49-2F-32-2E-30 0D-0A-44-61-74-65-3A-20| PAPI/2.0..Date: 
 0050 |54-75-65-2C-20-30-39-20 4A-61-6E-20-32-30-31-38| Tue, 09 Jan 2018
 0060 |20-32-33-3A-34-32-3A-30 32-20-47-4D-54-0D-0A-0D|  23:42:02 GMT...
 0070 |0A                                             | .
2018-01-09 18:42:01 INFO HttpRequest(8)[117244586] HTTP: Received response: 403 Forbidden.
2018-01-09 18:42:01 DEBUG HttpRequest(8)[117244586] HTTP: Received 3 headers.
2018-01-09 18:42:01 DEBUG HttpRequest(8)[117244586] HTTP: Response Content-Length: 0 bytes.
2018-01-09 18:42:01 DEBUG HttpRequest(8)[117244586] HTTP: Response Transfer-Encoding not specified.
2018-01-09 18:42:01 DEBUG HttpRequest(8)[117244586] HTTP: Received content (0 bytes).
2018-01-09 18:42:01 DEBUG HttpRequest(8)[117244586] HTTP: Caching HTTP session (5).

- kindly suggest on this.

i used below settinng.

var binding = new Rebex.Samples.WcfBinding();
binding.RequestCreator.Settings.SslAcceptAllCertificates = true;
binding.RequestCreator.Settings.SslAllowedVersions = Rebex.Net.TlsVersion.TLS11;
// binding.RequestCreator.Settings.SslSessionCacheEnabled = false;
binding.RequestCreator.Proxy.ProxyType = ProxyType.None;
binding.RequestCreator.LogWriter = new Rebex.FileLogWriter(@"/log.txt", Rebex.LogLevel.Verbose);
Applies to: Rebex HTTPS

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According to the log, the server is rejecting your request with "403 Forbidden" error. A 403 error indicates that you are trying to access an URL that you don't have access to. This is similar to "401 Unauthorized" error and Wikipedia explains the difference nicely:

Status codes 401 (Unauthorized) and 403 (Forbidden) have distinct meanings.

A 401 response indicates that access to the resource is restricted, and the request did not provide any HTTP authentication. It is possible that a new request for the same resource will succeed if authentication is provided. The response must include an HTTP WWW-Authenticate header to prompt the user-agent to provide credentials.

A 403 response generally indicates one of two conditions:
a) Authentication was provided, but the authenticated user is not
permitted to perform the requested operation.
b) The operation is forbidden to all users. For example, requests for a directory listing return code 403 when directory listing has been disabled.

Unfortunately, we don't know anything about the web service you are trying to access, and parts of the log seem to be missing, so the only advice we can offer at this point is to make sure you are accessing the proper URLs and performing authentication as required by the web service. Additionally, if the web service is under your control, a server log might contain some information indicating the cause of the failure.

If possible, please send a more complete version of the log to support@rebex.net for analysis. It's OK if you remove sensitive data, but please don't remove essential information about what is going on, or the version of Rebex HTTPS you use.

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My colleague Frantisek replied to your sales and licensing question via e-mail. Additionally, check out https://www.rebex.net/shop/faq.aspx for more information.
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However, I don't see any error in the latest log. How does the error manifest itself? A complete log created with LogLevel.Debug (which is less verbose than LogLevel.Verbose log) might be useful in analysing this. Also, please create a separate question for this - this doesn't seem to be related to the original "403 Forbidden error" topic. Thanks!
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Yes Lukas - I forwarded to Procurement Team and Security team to check and place the order.

Thanks thats helped lot
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Hi Lukas,

 - below  is the response am getting from server - seems the Request  XML size is big?

2018-04-11 12:28:33 VERBOSE HttpRequest(1)[105316382] HTTP: Received data:
 0000 |48-54-54-50-2F-31-2E-31 20-32-30-30-20-4F-4B-0D| HTTP/1.1 200 OK.
 0010 |0A-43-61-63-68-65-2D-43 6F-6E-74-72-6F-6C-3A-20| .Cache-Control:
 0020 |6E-6F-2D-63-61-63-68-65 2C-20-6D-75-73-74-2D-72| no-cache, must-r
 0030 |65-76-61-6C-69-64-61-74 65-2C-20-6D-61-78-2D-61| evalidate, max-a
 0040 |67-65-3D-30-0D-0A-50-72 61-67-6D-61-3A-20-6E-6F| ge=0..Pragma: no
 0050 |2D-63-61-63-68-65-0D-0A 54-72-61-6E-73-66-65-72| -cache..Transfer
 0060 |2D-45-6E-63-6F-64-69-6E 67-3A-20-43-68-75-6E-6B| -Encoding: Chunk
 0070 |65-64-0D-0A-43-6F-6E-74 65-6E-74-2D-54-79-70-65| ed..Content-Type
 0080 |3A-20-74-65-78-74-2F-78 6D-6C-3B-63-68-61-72-73| : text/xml;chars
 0090 |65-74-3D-55-54-46-2D-38 0D-0A-43-6F-6E-74-65-6E| et=UTF-8..Conten
 00A0 |74-2D-45-6E-63-6F-64-69 6E-67-3A-20-64-65-66-6C| t-Encoding: defl
 00B0 |61-74-65-0D-0A-53-65-72 76-65-72-3A-20-4D-69-63| ate..Server: Mic
 00C0 |72-6F-73-6F-66-74-2D-49 49-53-2F-37-2E-30-0D-0A| rosoft-IIS/7.0..
 00D0 |5F-63-68-61-72-73-65-74 3A-20-55-54-46-2D-38-0D| _charset: UTF-8.
 00E0 |0A-58-2D-50-6F-77-65-72 65-64-2D-42-79-3A-20-41| .X-Powered-By: A
 00F0 |53-50-2E-4E-45-54-0D-0A 58-2D-46-72-61-6D-65-2D| SP.NET..X-Frame-
 0100 |4F-70-74-69-6F-6E-73-3A 20-53-41-4D-45-4F-52-49| Options: SAMEORI
 0110 |47-49-4E-0D-0A-44-61-74 65-3A-20-57-65-64-2C-20| GIN..Date: Wed,
 0120 |31-31-20-41-70-72-20-32 30-31-38-20-31-36-3A-32| 11 Apr 2018 16:2
 0130 |38-3A-33-35-20-47-4D-54 0D-0A-0D-0A            | 8:35 GMT....
2018-04-11 12:28:34 INFO HttpRequest(1)[105316382] HTTP: Received response: 200 OK.
2018-04-11 12:28:34 DEBUG HttpRequest(1)[105316382] HTTP: Received 10 headers.
2018-04-11 12:28:34 DEBUG HttpRequest(1)[105316382] HTTP: Response Content-Length not specified.
2018-04-11 12:28:34 DEBUG HttpRequest(1)[105316382] HTTP: Response Transfer-Encoding: Chunked.
2018-04-11 12:28:34 VERBOSE HttpRequest(1)[105316382] HTTP: Received data:
 0000 |32-33-64-0D-0A-84-54-5D 73-DA-30-10-FC-2B-8C-DF| 23d...T]s.0..+..
 0010 |8D-2C-63-13-C8-08-65-DC 38-9D-32-93-06-26-5F-D3| .,c...e.8.2..&_.
 0020 |B7-8E-B0-8F-E0-A9-2D-39 92-1C-A0-BF-BE-67-30-C6| ......-9.....g0.
 0030 |40-D3-EA-C5-BA-DD-DB-D3 EA-64-89-DD-6C-8A-BC-F7| @........d..l...
 0040 |01-DA-64-4A-4E-1C-DA-F7 9C-1E-C8-44-A5-99-7C-9B| ..dJN......D..|.
 0050 |38-2F-CF-5F-DD-91-73-C3 D9-D3-2C-9A-BB-77-0F-AF| 8/._..s...,..w..
 0060 |D7-77-F2-03-72-55-42-0F 65-D2-5C-1F-F0-89-B3-B2| .w..rUB.e.\.....
 0070 |B6-BC-26-C4-24-2B-28-84 E9-23-6D-94-28-FB-4A-BF| ..&.$+(..#m.(.J.
 0080 |91-7A-42-A0-11-12-A7-91 6E-4C-D6-AA-D6-EB-75-7F| .zB.....nL....u.
 0090 |3D-D8-25-FB-9E-47-C9-8F EF-F7-4F-BB-42-6E-26-8D| =.%..G....O.Bn&.
 00A0 |15-32-81-A3-2A-FD-BF-CA E9-18-FE-A2-D2-2D-67-A8| .2..*........-g.
 00B0 |9C-57-3A-59-09-03-73-AD D2-2A-B1-3F-67-95-2D-2B| .W:Y..s..*.?g.-+
 00C0 |DB-94-95-E6-B8-83-0C-16 90-F7-13-55-90-DB-CA-58| ...........U...X
 00D0 |55-BC-4C-B1-DE-99-FA-11 4C-A9-A4-69-DA-70-E2-A8| U.L.....L..i.p..
 00E0 |A3-47-92-7C-22-C4-92-1A CA-7C-1B-0B-2B-38-33-60| .G.|"....|..+83`
 00F0 |EA-FE-9F-04-D3-94-07-4B 18-FA-02-AE-DC-E5-55-32| .......K......U2
 0100 |74-83-90-0A-77-B4-18-09 77-11-78-10-C2-D0-4B-FC| t...w...w.x...K.
 0110 |31-30-72-CC-67-F0-5E-65 65-01-D2-62-10-7A-BB-31| 10r.g.^ee..b.z.1
 0120 |64-A4-8B-B6-E9-FB-B5-74 63-07-23-E0-5E-40-28-C5| d......tc.#.^@(.
 0130 |56-D2-11-23-27-04-C3-33 B0-95-B9-55-29-26-E1-C0| V..#'..3...U)&..
 0140 |22-47-80-81-D6-4A-4F-E5 52-F1-A7-2A-49-B0-3A-AE| "G...JO.R..*I.:.
 0150 |D8-42-4C-E9-14-F4-34-E6 D4-FD-16-8F-87-31-DA-39| .BL...4......1.9
 0160 |20-7B-EA-41-21-45-BD-10 57-1D-D1-30-68-68-44-59|  {.A!E..W..0hhDY
 0170 |9E-19-3B-5B-CE-C5-B6-B6 1E-55-76-A5-74-F6-5B-58| ..;[.....Uv.t.[X
 0180 |F4-CE-99-E8-86-36-86-E5 D9-56-CE-37-B0-33-D4-F8| .....6...V.7.3..
 0190 |6F-EC-9D-9B-8F-E6-F3-C7 D9-6B-74-7F-E2-7E-21-E4| o........kt..~!.
 01A0 |AF-93-A5-77-2A-4A-7D-6F 74-C5-C8-DF-59-74-F2-5E| ...w*J}ot...Yt.^
 01B0 |81-B1-51-A1-2A-69-B9-D7 F7-6B-37-5D-A8-B5-0F-69| ..Q.*i...k7]...i
 01C0 |83-D4-39-17-20-CB-85-B1 41-9C-BD-65-D6-CC-96-B7| ..9. ...A..e....
 01D0 |42-A7-7C-D3-19-E3-70-1C 32-72-99-C3-A4-28-EA-0E| B.|...p.2r...(..
 01E0 |EC-3F-76-23-8F-DD-8F-18 D9-C7-E8-B1-BE-F3-22-7F| .?v#..........".
 01F0 |DE-87-E4-2C-16-D6-EA-6C E1-51-4E-D1-D7-61-7E-40| ...,...l.QN..a~@
 0200 |7D-1E-95-A5-56-1F-90-B6 A4-DF-92-03-4E-F1-2C-5B| }...V.......N.,[
 0210 |62-D0-12-01-8F-61-91-D9 5E-ED-B1-A5-83-96-0E-79| b....a..^......y
 0220 |0B-EE-A6-97-07-4C-FE-F5 43-90-CE-6D-FA-EC-CE-D5| .....L..C..m....
 0230 |3D-F9-EC-1D-40-EE-EC-C9 20-17-6F-1E-FF-03-00-00| =...@... .o.....
 0240 |FF-FF-0D-0A-30-0D-0A-0D 0A                     | ....0....
2018-04-11 12:28:34 INFO HttpRequest(1)[105316382] HTTP: ZLIB header check failed. Using DEFLATE fallback.
2018-04-11 12:28:34 DEBUG HttpRequest(1)[105316382] HTTP: Closing HTTP session (1).
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Hello, I created new question for this. Please see my answer at https://forum.rebex.net/8287/why-system-net-webexception-more-compressed-data-expected