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I have to update an old project using the version 3.0.6263.2 of Rebex.Networking.

The project uses the classes DnsClient and MXResolver as follow :

        Dim dns As String() = DnsClient.GetDnsList()
        Dim resolver As MXResolver = New MXResolver(dns)
        resolver.Timeout = DNS_Timeout
        arrSmtpServers = resolver.Resolve(strDomain)

Then I bought the last 2017 R6 Rebex components with version 3.5.6508.0 of Rebex.Networking

But DnsClient and MXResolver no longer exists in Rebex.Net.

Could someone tell me if I'll find these classes (or similar) elsewhere in Rebex please ?

Best regards,

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The DnsClient and MXResolver classes are not part of the public released version. It is base for new product Rebex DNS.

I sent the beta version of the Rebex DNS to your colleague in the past, that is why you are using them in your project.

I will send you link to your email in a minute, so you can download Rebex DNS assemblies based on the latest release (2017 R6.1).

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I'm confused: I misunderstood.
Thank you for your response Lukas