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Hi I have a project connecting to the Samsung Artik cloud which I successfully tested on PC with Full Framework.

However, that same project re-compiled for Compact Framework 3.5 (WinCE 6.0) is throwing a CryptographicException when calling HttpRequest::GetResponse()

System.Security.Cryptography.CryptographicException occurred
Message="Unknown Error '80000000'."
at System.Security.Cryptography.X509Utils.GetAlgIdFromOid(String oid)
at System.Security.Cryptography.X509Utils.OidToAlgId(String oid)
at System.Security.Cryptography.RSACryptoServiceProvider.VerifyHash(Byte[] rgbHash, String str, Byte[] rgbSignature)
at Rebex.Security.Cryptography.CryptoHelper.get
at Rebex.Security.Cryptography.CryptoHelper.EQ(RSA BV, Byte[] VV, String QV, Byte[] JV)
at Rebex.Security.Cryptography.TI.UQ(Byte[] BV, SignatureHashAlgorithm VV, Byte[] QV)
at Rebex.Security.Cryptography.AsymmetricKeyAlgorithm.VerifyHash(Byte[] hash, SignatureHashAlgorithm hashAlgorithm, Byte[] signature)
at Rebex.Security.Certificates.Certificate.VerifyHash(Byte[] hash, SignatureHashAlgorithm alg, Byte[] signature)
at Rebex.Net.QOI.MJ(Certificate BV, Byte[] VV, Byte[] QV)
at Rebex.Net.YOI.AI(Byte[] BV, Int32 VV, Int32 QV, TTI JV)
at Rebex.Net.YOI.FJ(Byte[] BV, Int32 VV, Int32 QV)
at Rebex.Net.EOI.NJ(Byte[] BV, Int32 VV, Int32 QV)
at Rebex.Net.EOI.QI()
at Rebex.Net.EOI.GI()
at Rebex.Net.TlsSocket.Negotiate()
at Rebex.Net.MCI.FQ(String BV, Int32 VV, Boolean QV)
at Rebex.Net.QV.AQ()
at Rebex.Net.QV.BJ()
at Rebex.Net.QV.QJ()
at Rebex.Net.HttpRequest.RQ()
at Rebex.Net.HttpRequest.FQ()
at Rebex.Net.HttpRequest.GetResponse()
at RestSharp.Http.GetRawResponse(HttpRequest request)
at RestSharp.Http.GetResponse(HttpRequest request)
at RestSharp.Http.PostPutInternal(String method)
at RestSharp.Http.AsPost(String httpMethod)
at RestSharp.RestClient.DoExecuteAsPost(IHttp http, String method)
at RestSharp.RestClient.Execute(IRestRequest request, String httpMethod, Func`3 getResponse)
at RestSharp.RestClient.Execute(IRestRequest request)

Applies to: Rebex HTTPS

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could you please write version of library you are using for this project? It is probable that you are using elder version which does not have fix for this issue.

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I'm using HTTPS R4.1
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I'm downloading/trying R5 and will report back.  Thank you.
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Great: R5 is working!  Thank you very much.