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Suppose we have two method A and B and A is Calling B. B has Rebex SMTP class and its method. Once we setup SMTP server first time then A calls B. First time its taking 1 minute to enter into B method and execute first line of B method. Any specific reason? Rebex.Total.dll size is 2.01 MB.

Please guide further to resolve this issue.

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Hello, we don't distribute any DLL named Rebex.Total.dll (and we never have in the past either). If this name is correct, it is not our DLL. (Please let us know where you got it from in that case.)

If you are still experiencing this issue with Rebex Secure Mail's Smtp object provided by Rebex.Smtp.dll assembly, please post the code you are using along with a communication log created using Smtp object's LogWriter property (or mail it to support@rebex.net). Thanks!