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Hi Everyone, I know that the default port used by FTP is port 21 - are there any other ports used ?

I have in the back of my mind that there are separate control and data ports - is that correct.

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Applies to: Rebex FTP/SSL

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The FTP uses two communication channels: control connection and data connection.

Control connection

  • Control connection is established on a well-known port.
  • Is used for sending commands to the FTP server.

Control connections use the following ports:

  • port 21 - plain old FTP
  • port 21 - FTP over TLS/SSL Explicit mode
  • port 990 - FTP over TLS/SSL Implicit mode

Data connection

  • Used for upload, download, and directory listing transfer.
  • Initiated either by the FTP client (passive mode) or by the FTP server (active mode)
  • Established on random port. In passive mode, the port is selected by the FTP server. In active mode, it is selected by the FTP client.

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