SFTP: How to authenticate using private key which is not stored in file system?

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asked Dec 8, 2010 by Rebex KB (8,430 points)
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I'd like to authenticate to an SFTP server using my private key. The private key is not stored in the filesystem.

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answered Dec 8, 2010 by Rebex KB (8,430 points)
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Following code shows how:

// create client and connect 
Sftp client = new Sftp();

// instead of loading it from a disk file, load the private key from a byte array
//SshPrivateKey privateKey = new SshPrivateKey("key_rsa.pem", "password");

byte[] privateKeyData = YourMethodForObtainingPrivateKey();    
SshPrivateKey privateKey = new SshPrivateKey(privateKeyData, "password");

// authenticate 
client.Login(username, privateKey);

// ...