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We've been using the IFilesystem interface to implement our own file storage system on our SFTP server. It works great. We use build 2.0.6198.0 that we received as a beta when we purchased the product. I've seen a few new releases since then, but non contain the Rebex.FileTransfer.dll file that contains this interface. Is it still in beta, or am I using the wrong installer?


Applies to: Rebex SFTP

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Yes, custom file system support is still in beta - it had a lower pripority than HTTPS or elliptic curve cryptography, unfortunately.

I just sent you a link to the current Rebex File Server with IFilesystem support based on the latest release - 2017 R1. However, please note that this is part of Rebex.FileServer.dll (Rebex.FileTransfer.dll is FTP/SSL and SFTP client).

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Thanks for the quick reply!