Rebex Http type load exception

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asked Feb 20, 2017 by maddin123 (250 points)


i'm avaluating your Rebex Http component and get the following exception:

Additional information: Could not load type 'Rebex.HM' from assembly 'Rebex.Common, Version=2.0.6249.0, Culture=neutral, PublicKeyToken=1c4638788972655d'.


var creator = new HttpRequestCreator();

Its a simple WinForms app for WIndows desktop .NET Client 4.0.


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answered Feb 20, 2017 by Lukas Matyska (61,230 points)
selected Feb 20, 2017 by maddin123
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This seems to be a limitation of our installation process.

When you combine Full assemblies and Trial assemblies, the Trial ones will throw the mentioned exception.

The workaround is to install Full and Trial assemblies into separate folders e.g.:

  • "c:\Program Files (x86)\Rebex Components 2017 R1" for Full assemblies
  • "c:\Program Files (x86)\Rebex Components 2017 R1 Trial" for Trial assemblies
commented Feb 20, 2017 by maddin123 (250 points)
Okay that worked out :-)

Any plans for supporting "AllowWriteStreamBuffering" or "SendChunked" properties?

commented May 10, 2017 by Lukas Pokorny (128,250 points)
The issue with trial/full assemblies has been fixed in 2017 R3 (

Adding support for write stream buffering is on our list of important future enhancements, but it's not near the top of the list yet.
commented Jan 16, 2018 by Lukas Pokorny (128,250 points)
Support for "AllowWriteStreamBuffering" and "SendChunked" properties has been added in 2017 R6.2: