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We want to use one mailbox with office365 to add many leads from many company. The thing is that many connection will have to be created (our software is local) to the same mailbox to read emails.
This may happen at the same time.

Do you guys know what is the maximum concurrent connection for office365?

Will this cause some throttle and disconnection ??

The worst case scenario is 600 connections in same time.


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We don't know what is the maximum concurrent connections for Office365, sorry.

However, I found some articles discussing it.

  1. EWS throttling in Exchange:

    Defines the number of concurrent open connections that a specific user
    can have against an Exchange server that is using EWS at one time.
    ... The default value for Exchange 2013 and Exchange Online is 27.

  2. Exchange Online Throttling and Limits FAQ
    There is no specific number provided, but discuss the subject.

We are no specialist of Office365, so the findings can be misleading. Please, ask the Office365 team for more reliable answer.

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Thanks man !