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I have old WinMobile device that is trying to communicate https to a web service that uses a SHA2 certificate (it was using SHA-1 without problem) and I continue to receive a WebException that it could not trust the relationship. I am currently not using an Rebex components but I read that 2016-06-30 Version 2016 R2 now supports SHA-2 certificates on all .NET Compact Framework platforms. Does this mean that there is a Rebex component that would solve this issue? If so which one?

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In Rebex 2016 R2 we really added a custom managed implementation for SHA-2 on Compact Framework, but this is just the first step we need to take. For the next version of Rebex we are working on a certificate validator that will be able to validate the SHA-2 based certificates automatically in all our TLS/SSL enabled components. (For now our customers would need to supply a custom certificate verifier - e.g. fingerprint verifier to make TLS 1.1/ TLS 1.2 work on CF devices).
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Rebex HTTPS component is the product that you will need to make the Web Services working under .NET CF even with SHA-2 certificates. We officially released it as part of Rebex 2017 R1 release in February 2017. Check it out at http://www.rebex.net/https

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Rebex HTTPS was officially released in February 2017.


the product that you need is Rebex HTTPS for .NET CF and it is still currently under development labeled as experimental beta. We are working hard on releasing it as a full featured Rebex HTTPS component later. But the firm date has not been set yet.

The beta is already available for public testing, so just download the trial from http://labs.rebex.net/HTTPS and give the HTTPS component a try!
You can find code samples, sample projects, as well as current limitations directly at the labs Rebex HTTPS page.