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We are using Rebex for our publishing. One client has reported he's unable to login via SFTP.

He's connecting to FreeBSD 10.2 / ssh 6.6.1p1

  • via User name/Password: Fail:
    "Interactive authentication cannot continue due to missing request handler"
  • via Private key: Success

If he connects via Filezilla with login/password there is no problem.

Any help would be appreciated.


Applies to: Rebex SFTP

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Are you able to connect using SftpWinFormClient sample?

This looks like the SFTP/SSH server is trying to ask the user for some additional information, or it's trying to ask for the password using a less common prompt (we added support for one addition prompt in Rebex SFTP 2016 R1, by the way).

Implementing a custom AuthenticationRequest event should solve this (see SftpWinFormClient sample's source code for another AuthenticationRequest event example).

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Thank you! It works well now