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Before proceeding further, we have some queries and so request you to please arrange a conference call with your technical team so that we can discuss.

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I already replied to your comment recently, so I only copy the answer here:

Yes, it is possible.

We are located in Europe in GMT+1 Timezone.
Phone: +420 222 510 577

Can we set the call for next Monday (11th January)?
Alternatively, you can call today between 2pm and 4pm; or tomorrow between 10am and 3pm. But not all developers will be present.

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We want to know answers for questions like

Custom rendering of screen
State machine
Sample applications
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I used Lync web client under Chrome. It seems it is working. It says:

Hello. You're in our virtual lobby, so make yourself comfortable. The organizer will let you in soon.....
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I will send you discussed materials to your email. Can you please send me email addresses of others (to support@rebex.net) I will add them to CC.
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I have sent the email to you, please forward it to others.
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Sure..Thank you for providing..