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Does Rebex support VT320 and VT340?

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VT300s are not fully supported.

VT320 and VT340 introduced advanced features such as: locally stored pages which can also be edited, dual sessions which can be displayed simultaneously, and some more.

These special features are not supported.

However, if you don't need to use them, you can still use Rebex Terminal to display your sessions, because common features introduced in VT100 persist to VT300s.

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Hi Thank you for your quick reply. In addition to above i have following queries

With respect to your reply can you please be specific about the features which are not supported by Rebex for VT300's (VT320 and VT340)?

Do we have following emulation supported,for Xamarin.Android as well

- VT100
- VT220
- VT320
- VT340
- IBM330x
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It is very hard to list all features not supported for VT300's, because there is no complete list of them.

Basically, advanced screen features (so called ReGIS) are not supported. You can find more info about ReGIS at http://www.vt100.net/docs/vt3xx-gp/chapter1.html

However, VT3xx inherits main functionality from VT2xx and older. From the following feature list almost everything is supported, see http://www.vt100.net/docs/vt320-uu/appendixe.html

From the above, these are not supported currently:
1. not all NRC sets
2. DECSCL (Selecting an Operating Level)
3. DECDLD (Down-Line-Loading a Soft Character Set)
4. DECSASD and DECSSDT (Status line display)
5. DECDWL and DECDHL (Double width/height characters)
6. Selectively Erasing Text
7. Printing
8. VT320 Reports

Simply, if your host program requires VT3xx, the Rebex Terminal will probably not work. If your host program can work with VT2xx, the Rebex Terminal will probably work without any problems.