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I want to Upload the folder "C:\MyFolder" and all files and subfolders via FTP.

Except one single folder "C:\MyFolder\Ignore" with all its content.

When using a FileSet I tried serveral exclude pattern and none matched.

var fs = new FileSet(@"C:\MyFolder\");

// This didn't work:

// This didn't work, too:

My questions:

  • What is the correct syntax to exclude a full subtree?
  • Are exclude patterns case-sensitive? If yes, how to make them case-insensitive?
Applies to: Rebex FTP/SSL

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A] Exclude and Include methods do not support full paths. They only accept paths and patterns relative to the basePath of the FileSet (in your case, relative to @C:\MyFolder"). So in your case to Exclude the "C:\MyFolder\Ignore" folder completely, just write:

var fs = new FileSet(@"C:\MyFolder");


B] the patterns follow the case sensitivity of the OS that your program runs on. So if you are on Windows systems, the patterns are not case-sensitive, whereas on Linux, Unix, OSX, iOS, etc the patterns are case sensitive.

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Awesome, thanks a lot, Tomas!
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If I have another folder, say "Ignore-Dont", that starts the same as "Ignore", it still would be included, right?
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Yes, it will be included.
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Thank you for your feedback. I have improved the xml doc of the FileSet.Include and Exclude method.  With the next release of our web, we'll also impove the features page at https://www.rebex.net/ftp-ssl.net/features/multiple-files-operations.aspx#fileset