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Hello, We have a client that is accessing our SFTP server (WSFTP) using Rebex SFTP.net client.

We have a few sub directories set up for their files. The client can 'see' the sub folders in the client, however they cannot access the sub-folders. I have verified with 2 other SFTP programs (FileZilla and SecureFX) that the folder structure is valid and can be accessed by these cllients. I set up a test folder called: CanYouAccessMe and when they log in and attempt to access it they receive the error message:

Failure; Folder not found: /CanYouAccessMe/.

I'm not at all familiar with this product, and our client is not technical at all. I'm hoping someone can help shed some light on this.

Thanks! Jim Holmgren Mgr Server Engineering XLHealth

Applies to: Rebex SFTP

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The workaround for the WS_FTP server problematic SSH_FXP_REALPATH command has been released as part of version 2014R3 of Rebex components


Just a wild guess: Maybe other FTP clients are sending a folder name in different manner when changing the directory? Leading/trailing slashes may be source of the problem.

Can you try changing the directory to the following variations of folder name and let us know what happens?

/CanYouAccessMe/  - throws exception
/CanYouAccessMe   - ???
CanYouAccessMe    - ???

If it not help I would try comparing communication logs from the FileZilla SFTP client and from Rebex SFTP. Check http://www.rebex.net/kb/logging.aspx to see how to enable logging in Rebex SFTP. If you send those logfiles to support@rebex.net we'll do the analysis for you.

EDIT: We've discovered a very similar compatibility problem with WS_FTP server. We've added workaround in build 4060 released at February 2011. Downloading and using the latest version might solve your problem as well.

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Thanks for the reply. To clarify, the folder on the server does not contain the actual slashes. On our server it is simply CanYouAccessMe - it is only in the Rebex error message that we see the /CanYouAccessMe/ formatting.
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I have a screenshot of the error, but I don't know if I can include an image file in these posts.
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Screenshot: please send it to support@rebex.net. Folder name: I understand, that the CanYouAccessMe is the name on the server. But you may get different result if you call client.ChangeDirectory("CanYouAccessMe") and client.ChangeDirectory("CanYouAccessMe/") and client.ChangeDirectory("/CanYouAccessMe/"). Log would show exact commands send to the server and differences between Rebex SFTP log and FileZilla log would show why it fails.
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Based on a newer support request we have finally got logs from WS_FTP server and added a better workaround for its broken SSH_FXP_REALPATH command. The workaround will be part of the next release, i.e. 2014R3.

The full hotfix is available upon mail request for registered users. A free trial hotfix is available for trial users.

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The workaround for the WS_FTP server problematic SSH_FXP_REALPATH command has been released as part of version 2014R3 of Rebex components.