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How to get FXP transfer progress?

Ftp ftp = new Ftp();
Ftp ftp2 = new Ftp();
ftp.LogWriter = new FileLogWriter("D:\\temp.txt", LogLevel.Debug);

ftp.Connect("", 21);
ftp2.Connect("", 21);

ftp.Login("testuser", "testuser");
ftp2.Login("testuser", "testuser");

ftp.TransferProgressChanged += ftp_TransferProgressChanged;
ftp2.TransferProgressChanged += ftp_TransferProgressChanged;

ftp.CopyToAnotherServer(ftp2, "/2/1.file", "/1/1.file");

Console.WriteLine("File Upload");

static void ftp_TransferProgressChanged(object sender, FtpTransferProgressChangedEventArgs e)
Console.WriteLine(e.BytesTransferred); //this code never execute

Fxp transfer between to two ftp server, client is not involved. but any workaround are there to get progress?

any suggestion, any workaround?

Applies to: Rebex FTP/SSL

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The Ftp.TransferProgressChanged event notifies you about data transfer between the Rebex.Net.Ftp client and the server to which the client is connected. It will not get fired in case of server-to-server transfer as the data are transferred directly between those two FTP servers so there is no transfer between client and server involved.

There is a workaround - connect to the target FTP server with another FTP connection and then monitor the current file size via Ftp.GetFileLength method as you wish.

A simple code example is available here:

void PerformFxpTransferAndReportItsProgress()
    string fileName = "file.txt";
    string fileNameLocal = @"c:\" + fileName;

    string primaryServerDest = "/uploadDir1/" + fileName;
    string secondaryServerDest = "/uploadDir2/" + fileName;

    Ftp ftp1 = new Ftp();
    ftp1.Login("user1", "password1");

    Ftp ftp2 = new Ftp();
    ftp2.Login("user2", "password2");

    // get file size on source FTP server
    long fullLength = ftp1.GetFileLength(primaryServerDest);

    // connect to the target FTP server with another client - it will be used to periodacally check for file size during the time 
    // when server-to-server file transfer is in progress
    Ftp ftp3 = new Ftp();
    ftp3.Login("user2", "password2");

    Task task;
    // perform the server-to-server FXP transfer
    task = ftp1.CopyToAnotherServerAsync(ftp2, primaryServerDest, secondaryServerDest).ContinueWith(
        (e) =>
            Console.WriteLine("File '{0}' has been transferred via FXP.", fileName);

    // report progress during FXP operation
    while (!task.IsCompleted)
        long lengthCurrent = 0;
        if (ftp3.FileExists(secondaryServerDest))
            lengthCurrent = ftp3.GetFileLength(secondaryServerDest);

        Console.WriteLine("FXP transfer progress: {0}B out of {1}B has been uploaded.", lengthCurrent, fullLength);
        Thread.Sleep(500); // choose your own interval