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Is it possible to authenticate with a server where the username contains an embedded period such as "First.Last"? I'm using the SFTP Component and prior to my service provider changing the username portion of the credentials, I had no problem with authentication.

I verified the credentials by logging in to the server using the Cute FTP client and successfully transferring files.

Applies to: Rebex SFTP

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We do not do any format check of the username, so a period inside the username, should not matter.
Just try to change the string in your program to the new value, try this code:

Sftp sftp = new Sftp();
sftp.Connect("server", 22);
sftp.Login("First.Last", "password");

and let us know whether you can connect and login to the server succesfully.
If not, please create a log of communication and either post it here, or send it to support@rebex.net.