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My needs are as follows where I will be using rebex for as follows.

1) I will use rebex to process emails from inbox of accounts on zimbra server.

2) I want all the attachments downloaded on my machine from the processed emails (using Imap)

3) And then rebex should be able to send those attachments by creating new emails to desired accounts using rebex SMTP.

4) I also need Mime to get info of the emails.

5) I will also be using RebexMail.

So depending upon the above information I want you to suggest me a suitable package which will cater my needs.
I have seen the purchase page but I want your opinion over this.
Please answer my question as soon as possible.

Applies to: Rebex Secure Mail

1 Answer

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all scenarios mentioned in your question are covered by Rebex Secure Mail

Following sample code will help you with your tasks:

Processing inbox

Downloading messages and working with attachments

Sending email using SMTP

Working with MIME