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asked Sep 16, 2010 by Brian (180 points)
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I am attempting to use the ChangePassword method in the SSHSession class but I'm getting the following error "Unexpected packet 60". Does anyone have any ideas of what the error means? The server is a Sun Solaris and the user account password has been expired. Also the user shell has been set to /bin/false because this is a service account. I've tried doing a password change using putty and it works fine.

commented Sep 16, 2010 by Brian (180 points)
I found out some more info...The method is working even though it says it's failing. So once I get the "Unexpected packet 60" error, the password is changed.

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answered Sep 17, 2010 by Vit Zyka (1,000 points)
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We cannot say exactly the reason from your short description. May be it is our bug. Please, send us your communication log file with log level Debug on Link tells you how to create the log. Thanks.