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What is Ftp.Timeout Property. why it is used.

Need more description about Ftp.Timeout Property.

What is the difference between Ftp.AbortTimeout Property and Ftp.Timeout Property.

Thank in adv.

Applies to: Rebex FTP/SSL

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Ftp.Timeout specified the maximum length of time (in miliseconds) to wait for a single server response. The associated internal timeout counter is reset every time data is sent or received from to server. This means that data transfers only time out after Ftp.Timeout milliseconds of inactivity, not after Ftp.Timeout milliseconds from the start of the operation.

Please note that Ftp.Timeout only affects synchronous methods by default. This can be changed by setting Ftp.Settings.TimeoutAsynchronousMethods to true.

The minimum allowed value for Ftp.Timeout is 1000.

Unlike Ftp.Timeout, Ftp.AbortTimeout property specified the maximum length of time that an operation can take to complete once Ftp.Abort() has been called. Without Ftp.Abort() call, Ftp.AbortTimeout has no effect.

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Thank you..