Connecting to Gmail using Secure Imap

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asked Sep 14, 2010 by ian (120 points)
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I've been looking around and keep on finding the line:

imap.Connect("", 993, null, ImapSecurity.Implicit);

However in the library that I downloaded from, the vs2008 version, I only could find the call

imap.Connect("", 993);

Without the subsequent arguments. I've tried connecting however rebex keeps timing out, though I've connected with telnet without timing out.



Applies to: Rebex Secure Mail

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answered Sep 15, 2010 by Vit Zyka (1,000 points)
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if you see only short variant of imap.Connect method it's probably because you are using a plain 'Rebex Mail' or Rebex IMAP component. To connect using IMAP/SSL you have to use 'Rebex secure Mail' or Rebex Secure IMAP. To compare capabilities of those two check the table on the bottom of following page:

Try to download purchased copy Rebex Secure Mail component from If you do not see it there, please contact our for an upgrade pricing.

commented Sep 16, 2010 by ian (120 points)
Hi, I wanted to try the class out before purchasing it, which is the point of the 30 day trial as I understood. I wasn't aware that I was using the plain one, as I downloaded the trial from what I thought was the correct page.
commented Sep 16, 2010 by Vit Zyka (1,000 points)
All right, try to download and test the following trial: