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Hi I am trialing your .NET secure mail product for a project that I am involved in. I'm really impressed with the product so far.

Essentially I am migrating a lot of IMAP accounts and need to be able to log-on with an Admin account that has impersonation rights on all the normal accounts. The Rebex Imap class has a Login method, but it only supports a single user name and password. How can I login using AUTHENTICATE PLAIN to impersonate another account?

Thanks, Wayne

Applies to: Rebex Secure Mail

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This is not supported yet in the official release. It looks like we missed this when implementing the IMAP component in 2005/2006. However, adding this was easy and it will be avaiable in the next release. If anyone is interested in a beta, please let us know at support@rebex.net!

Note: This covers RFC 4616, not the non-standard way for doing the same thing used by Exchange 2003 (which was already supported).

UPDATE: This is supported in Rebex Secure Mail since 2010-03 (version 1.0.3723.0 or later).

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Support for this has been added in Rebex (Secure) Mail 1.0.3723.0. If you need to impersonate another account, pass a userName to the Login method that consists of "authorization identity", NUL character and "authentication identity".


Imap imap = new Imap();
imap.Login(authorizationUserName + '\0' + authenticationUserName, password);