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Today we connected to a new server and Rebex SFTP doesn't recognize any remote file on that server but the files are definitely there. I can see directories but no files. I can upload files but they are also not visible/recognized after upload. FileZilla's UI for example shows all the files correctly.

To get the files we use:

SftpItemCollection list = _sftp.GetList();

Debug info says 'Server is SSH-2.0-PSFTPd'. PSFTPd seems to be just another common Windows SFTP server. What can I do to find out why the Rebex library does not see those files?


We use Version 3.0.4700.0.

Here's the log:

10:35:39.421 Info Info: Connecting to xxx:22 using Sftp 3.0.4700.0.
10:35:39.546 Debug SSH: Server is 'SSH-2.0-PSFTPd. Secure FTP Server ready'.
10:35:39.561 Info SSH: Negotiation started.
10:35:39.702 Debug SSH: Negotiating key.
10:35:40.077 Debug SSH: Validating signature.
10:35:40.171 Info SSH: Negotiation finished.
10:35:40.186 Info Info: Server: SSH-2.0-PSFTPd. Secure FTP Server ready
10:35:40.202 Info Info: Fingerprint: xxx
10:35:40.218 Info Info: Cipher info: SSH 2.0, Diffie-Hellman-Group14-SHA1, RSA, aes256-ctr/aes256-ctr, hmac-sha1/hmac-sha1
10:35:40.358 Debug SSH: Allowed authentication methods: password.
10:35:40.358 Debug SSH: Trying password authentication for 'SftpUser'.
10:35:40.436 Debug SSH: Authentication successful.
10:35:40.499 Debug SSH: Requesting subsystem 'sftp'.
10:35:40.546 Info Command: SSH_FXP_INIT (4)
10:35:40.593 Info Response: SSH_FXP_VERSION (3, 0 extensions)
10:35:40.593 Info Info: Using SFTP v3.
10:35:40.608 Info Command: SSH_FXP_REALPATH (1, '.')
10:35:40.655 Info Response: SSH_FXP_NAME (1, 1 item)
10:35:40.655 Info Info: Current directory is '/'.
10:35:40.686 Info Command: SSH_FXP_OPENDIR (2, '/')
10:35:40.733 Info Response: SSH_FXP_HANDLE (2, 0x4F70656E44697248616E646C65)
10:35:40.749 Info Command: SSH_FXP_READDIR (3, 0x4F70656E44697248616E646C65)
10:35:40.796 Info Response: SSH_FXP_NAME (3, 12 items)
10:35:40.811 Info Command: SSH_FXP_READDIR (4, 0x4F70656E44697248616E646C65)
10:35:40.843 Info Response: SSH_FXP_STATUS (4, 1, 'End of file')
10:35:40.858 Info Command: SSH_FXP_CLOSE (5, 0x4F70656E44697248616E646C65)
10:35:40.889 Info Response: SSH_FXP_STATUS (5, 0, 'Success')
Applies to: Rebex SFTP
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We've already dealt with some problems on PSFTPd. Which version of Rebex SFTP are you using? Anyway, could you, please, create a debug log accodring to http://www.rebex.net/kb/logging/. You can put the log here or send it by e-mail to support@rebex.net.

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Thanks four your quick response. I added version info and log.

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Sorry for a delayed answer - I had to consult it with my colleague.

  1. Please, first try to reproduce the issue with the most recent version 2014-R1 (We did some fixes in that version especially for the PSFTPd support).

  2. If it does not help, please create the log again with the "Verbose" log level (set the verbose log level just before calling the GetList method to prevent writing your connection data into the log).

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I've updated our appication to 2014R1 and now everything works fine. Great support, thank you very much.