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Hi All, Target platform Windows 6. I need to send e-mail from the handheld, but I would like to make all CC invisible. But it doesn't work I still see all CC. Here is my code; Dim smtp As New Smtp Dim mail As New MailMessage()

        mail.From = New MailAddressCollection("server.com")
        mail.CC.Add(New MailAddress("emailaddress1"))
        mail.CC.Add(New MailAddress("emailaddress2"))

        mail.Subject = "TEST Receipt Confirmation TEST"
        mail.BodyText = body

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Hi Elena, the CC property is visible to all recipients of the email.

If you would like to have a hidden list of recipients, please use the MailMessage.Bcc property instead.

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Thank you Tomas, I missed this property somehow. It works great!