Can I use one single connection to do both SFTP and Run Shell Command?

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asked Aug 1, 2013 by hardywang (240 points)
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Here is my requirement, I need to sftp a file to a Unix server, then run a shell command to process that file, and then download the file processed by Unix server.

Currently I instantiate a Sftp object, do the file transfer, then instantiate a Ssh object to run the command, then use the same Sftp object to download file.

So, is it possible I can just open one connection to do all 3 tasks?

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answered Aug 2, 2013 by Tomas Knopp (58,890 points)
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Sharing the connection is possible if you use SshSession class and Bind methods on Sftp and Ssh objects like this:

        // establish the shared SSH connection
        var session = new Rebex.Net.SshSession();

        // authenticate
        session.Authenticate("username", "password");

        // bind an SFTP client to the SSH session
        Sftp sftp = new Sftp();

        // bind an SSH client to the SSH session
        Ssh ssh = new Ssh();
commented Aug 2, 2013 by hardywang (240 points)
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Great, thanks!