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How to create a communication log Using LogWriter property in ReBex version 1.3

Applies to: Rebex FTP/SSL

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Rebex Ftp 1.3.0.x is really one of the oldest version (from 2003) and there was no LogWriter property yet as we have first added it into Rebex components in version 3300 released 6 years later.

However even in the old version, you can still use CommandSent and ResponseRead events of the Ftp object to be notified of what is going on between the FTP server and Rebex Ftp client like this:

Ftp ftp = new Ftp();

ftp.ResponseRead += ftp_ResponseRead;
ftp.CommandSent += ftp_CommandSent;

ftp.Connect ("host", port);
ftp.Login("username", "password");

void ftp_CommandSent(object sender, FtpCommandSentEventArgs e)

void ftp_ResponseRead(object sender, FtpResponseReadEventArgs e)

If that is not enough for you and you need the LogWriter property, you would have to upgrade your licence which would give you access to the latest 2013R3 release. There were quite a few fixes and improvements so I think it is definitely worth trying!

Here is a link to download the free trial.