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asked Jan 27, 2010 by Vineed (120 points)
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I had recently download the Rebex File Transfer Pack for .Net 2.0. I was testing for a following scenario

  • A User tries to upload a File to the server. In between for some reason, the connection breaks and the file transfer is interrupted.
  • The user will try to upload again when the connection is available. In such a case, the file should not be re uploaded, but should resume from the last upload position.
  • For testing this scenario, I would start the "Resumable FTP Transfer" example available with the Trial and start an upload. During upload, I would disable my network connection for 5 minutes. This causes the Upload to break and give me an exception.
  • Once I enable my network connection, I again click on Upload and it prompts me whether I want to resume the transfer. On clicking "yes", it returns an exception stating FTP 552 error.

I am using WS - FTP Server as my FTP Server which is installed on a Windows Server 2003 machine.

can you please help me out with this problem, as we badly need the resume feature in our application.



Applies to: Rebex FTP/SSL
commented Jan 27, 2010 by Lukas Pokorny (124,610 points)
Hello, could you please add the full message of the FtpException (552 error) to your question? This should make it possible to tell what is going on. It might be an "out of disk space" error, but we really need to see the message to be able to tell for sure.

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answered Jan 29, 2010 by Lukas Pokorny (124,610 points)
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FtpExceptions with three-digit error codes represent errors reported by the FTP server. You have not included the full message of the FtpException with 552 error, but according to this WS_FTP Knowledge Base article, error code of 552 corresponds to "Requested file action aborted. Exceeded storage allocation (for current directory or dataset)." If this is the case, then it looks like the transfer could not be resumed because of insufficient disk space.

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answered Aug 19, 2010 by Will Beattie (140 points)
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I'm getting this same issue and the exception is below.

/ invalid REST argument (554).

at Rebex.Net.Ftp.CgtFNEZ(String , AoLBks , String , String , Int64 , FtpTransferState ) at Rebex.Net.Ftp.bjMtzmZ(String , Stream , Int64 , String ) at Rebex.Net.Ftp.GetFile(String remotePath, Stream outputStream, Int64 remoteOffset)

commented Aug 19, 2010 by Will Beattie (140 points)
Please disregard the above. I was calling GetFile instead of PutFile.