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I consider using Rebex Secure IMAP in a development environment with collective code ownership and automated builds.

What will require a license in such an environment?

Will our build computers require licenses?

If one Visual Studio solution has projects that use the Rebex product and other projects that don't, will it be possible for some developers without Rebex licenses to work with the projects that are independent on Rebex? Will they be able to compile and run the whole solution?

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  • A valid license is required for every human who writes code which calls the component API directly.
  • No license is needed for build servers.
  • No license is needed for just compiling the solution in which some projects are using Rebex dlls.
  • Complete license agreement can be found at http://www.rebex.net/shop/license.aspx
  • You may find interesting "Purchase and Licensing" section of the FAQ
  • If you want to feel safe you may consider multi license pack. The 5 developers pack is cheaper that 3 single developer's licenses and a Company License (which licenses all developer within your company) is cheaper that 8 single developer's licenses. Details here.