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Hi, Please let me know the FTP commmand that Rebex's GetExists() method uses, because I have an issue with one of our customers. When we try to hit his server, we get an error in the "GetExists()" method and the exception says "Operation is not supported". The customer says that he has given full access to the FTP Server. I think the name of his FTP client is "WS_FTP". The logs on the FTP say the following :

start   Connection established
PASS    login success(<username>)
QUIT    connection closed

It doesnt even log the command we are trying to call. Please let me know what I should do for this . Does Rebex command support "WS_FTP" client ?

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There is no GetExist() method in the Rebex FTP/SSL component. You maybe mean the FileExist() method?

As written in the online help, the FileExists() method is implemented several ways regarding features the current FTP server supports. On some FTP servers the method doesn't work at all.

By default, the MLST command is used.
If the MLST is not supported, we try to use the SIZE command, sometimes combined with PWD and CWD commands.

The best way how to detect, which FTP command is really used, is creating a communication log according to the following article.

If the method still behaves unexceptionally for your server, please create the communication log and send it us to e-mail support@rebex.net for detailed analysis.