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I am trying to upload 230+ files on to an FTPS server.. all the files TOTAL are like 5 mb so each is a few kb. I upload the file with this line of code:

ftps.PutFiles(@"C:\blablabla\*.csv", @"blablafolder/test", FtpBatchTransferOptions.XCopy, FtpActionOnExistingFiles.OverwriteAll);

But it takes 2 a 3 hours... this isn't right anyone knows why???

Applies to: Rebex FTP/SSL

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Can you please create the communication log and send it to support@rebex.net? We should be able to tell what is going on. How to create the log file is described here.

In the meantime I have got an idea, what can be the cause of the problem. It can be related to the FtpBatchTransferOptions.XCopy. This option will recursively traverse WHOLE "C:\blablabla" directory (including all subfolders). If you want to upload only files from the "C:\blablabla" directory (not from subfolders) use the FtpBatchTransferOptions.Default instead.

But this is only assumption. The log file can tell us more.