How do I upgrade from trial to full version?

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asked Jan 12, 2010 by Rebex KB (8,190 points)
edited Jul 30, 2013

I've purchased the full version of the component and want to start using it instead of trial version. Do I need to enter serial number somewhere, deploy a license file to a production machine or something like that?

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answered Jan 12, 2010 by Rebex KB (8,190 points)
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First of all, you need to download the full version of your component. You'll obtain the download instruction when your order is processed.

Steps to replace trial version with full version:

  1. Remove all references to the trial version dlls in your project.
  2. Replace trial version DLLs with the full version DLLs.
  3. Add reference to the new DLL files to your project.
  4. Recompile your project.

If you are obtaining the "Trial version of Rebex SFTP for .NET has expired" even though you have already installed, verify:

  • There is no copy of the trial DLL in your bin folders or any other folder.
  • The trial DLLs have not been published to the Global Assembly Cache.
  • The DLLs are not being overwritten at application load time.