SftpException Failed to Open Local File

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asked Apr 19, 2012 by feelan (120 points)
edited Apr 19, 2012

I am trying to utilize the sftp component to push a file in a network share to an sftp location. It works fine when running from my local machine (pushing the file in the network share), but once we try to run it from our server, I get the message "Failed to open local file". We are trying to upload using the PutFile(stream, string) method and it is throwing the exception in this method.

Any help would be appreciated.

Applies to: Rebex SFTP

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answered Apr 19, 2012 by Tomas Knopp (58,890 points)
edited Apr 19, 2012

Please create the log with the Rebex LogWriter property as described in this article and either post it here or send it to support@rebex.net.