Exception on MailMessage.Load

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asked Apr 5, 2012 by Enrico (370 points)
edited Apr 6, 2012

Hi, i'm using Rebex.Mail 1.0.4086.0

I've a Mail Message saved on disk ".msg" i use the method load in order to load it but in some cases it throw an excption

MailMessage mess = new MailMessage(); mess.Load(nome);

Below here the stacktrace 04/04/2012 19:46:27 - [E] - File : Rebex.Mail Message : Media type is not valid. Parameter name: mediaType StackTrace : at Rebex.Mime.Headers.ContentType..ctor(String mediaType) at Rebex.Mime.MimeEntity.kQsAhZ(Stream , String , String , ContentTransferEncoding ) at Rebex.Mail.Attachment.SetContent(Stream source, String name, String mediaType) at Rebex.Mail.MailMessage.BGeBkwZ(AwUlJp ) at Rebex.Mail.MailMessage.Load(Stream input) at Rebex.Mail.MailMessage.Load(String fileName)

if i open this message using outlook it works fine.

Do you have any idea?

Applies to: Rebex Secure Mail

1 Answer

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answered Apr 5, 2012 by Lukas Matyska (60,690 points)
edited Apr 6, 2012

The source .msg file you supplied to support@rebex.net contains invalid media-type "application/*". We will add the workaround for this issue into next public build. You will receive beta version ASAP.

commented Apr 6, 2012 by Enrico (370 points)
edited Apr 6, 2012

Hi Lukas, thank you for your quickly answer.

Our support contract is going to terminate the next 20 April.

Your official release will be included in our support?

Do you have an estimated date about your official release?

commented Apr 6, 2012 by Lukas Matyska (60,690 points)
edited Apr 6, 2012

We probably don't release new version till 20th April, but I will send you a hotfix version, which can be used as a regular official release (the hotfix will be part of the next official release).