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We have some users that need to connect to nix servers that use two factor RSA securid authentication. Is it possible to do that with the Rebex SSH Shell component ? Presently there is always errors when the server requests the RSA passcode


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This should be possible, although it's a bit complicated at the moment. First you need to connect and authenticate through an SshSession object with a custom AuthenticationRequest event handler and then you need to bind an Ssh object to it:

        SshSession session = new SshSession();
        session.AuthenticationRequest += new SshAuthenticationRequestEventHandler(session_AuthenticationRequest);
        session.Connect(serverName, serverPort);
        session.Authenticate(userName, password);

        Ssh ssh = new Ssh();

You can get a sample implementation of AuthenticationRequest event handle from SftpWinFormClient sample that comes with Rebex SFTP (look for AuthenticationRequestDialog class).

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Sorry for the delay. It works great. Thanks