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We have an application that is downloading files from an IIS webserver, over the last week, we've started to see these errors in our logs:

'RE*T 2896': command not understood (500).

Does this look familiar to anyone? I've never seen that command / code...

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Stack trace might help:

Rebex.Net.FtpException: 'RE*T 2896': command not understood (500).
   at Rebex.Net.Ftp.1613356845(Int32 )
   at Rebex.Net.Ftp.1335657263(String , Int64 )
   at Rebex.Net.Ftp.19941338139(String , 588172452 , Int64 , FtpTransferState )
   at Rebex.Net.Ftp.8956377289(String , Stream , Int64 )
   at Rebex.Net.Ftp.GetFile(String remotePath, Stream outputStream, Int64 remoteOffset)
Applies to: Rebex FTP/SSL

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This problem is caused by a transparent FTP-aware firewall or router along the way (probably at the client side in this case) that blocks "REST offset" commands which are used to start a download at the specified offset.

Some SonicWALL Security Appliance Platforms are known to cause this issue unless the REST command is enabled in their configuration. Please check out this SonicWALL KB article for a solution.

Please let us know whether this solved the issue.

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Thanks for the input Lukas - we'll check it out and see if that resolves the issue.