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Currently, I am using net-2.0 version Dlls, I want to decrypt the file. I found the below code, but it didn't support for net-2.0 version.

ZipArchive.Decrypt(zipFileToDecrypt, decryptedZipFile, password)

is there any way to decrypt using net-2.0 version DLLs?

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It looks like your version of Rebex ZIP is outdated - ZipArchive.Decrypt static method was added in Rebex ZIP 2018 R1.

With earlier versions, the following approach can be used instead:

  • decompress encrypted ZIP into temporary location (or file by file into memory)
  • compress temporary files into desired ZIP archive without encryption

If you upgrade to the latest version (which includes the ZipArchive.Decrypt method) you can save CPU time by skipping the recompression process (files are only decrypted, but they stay compressed exactly as they were in the original encrypted file).