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The dotNET WebClient supports HTTP1.0 and 1.1 and choosing between them can be useful from time to time. I know it's easy to think that "newer is always best" but there are some specific circumstances where it is necessary to use the older 1.0 protocol. My example is the need to disable chunked transfers to simplify implementation for a client that acts as a proxy.

Does the Rebex WebClient offer the same functionality?


Applies to: Rebex HTTPS

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Unfortunately, Rebex HTTPS does not support HTTP 1.0. HTTP 1.0 is not very useful today due to its lack of support for virtual hosting (running multiple websites on a single IP address), and we think that adding support for it now, more than 23 years after the introduction of HTTP 1.1, would not be cost-effective for us.

However, in your scenario, where you are working with simplified variants of HTTP anyway, it seems that it might be sufficient to just make it possible to configure Rebex WebClient to announce "HTTP/1.0" in its requests instead of "HTTP/1.1". If you think this would address your requirements, please let me know - we can add support for that.