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if I use the CreateReply method on a MailMessage with ReplyTo filled in, the To field contains both From and Reply to mail addresses.

OriginalMessage.From = "user-one@domain.com"
OriginalMessage.To = "user-two@domain.com"
OriginalMessage.CC = "user-three@domain.com,user-four@domain.com"
OriginalMessage.ReplyTo = "user-five@domain.com"

ReplyMessage = OriginalMessage.CreateReply("user-two@domain.com", ReplyBodyTransformation.KeepOriginal, true)

ReplyMessage.From = "user-two@domain.com"
ReplyMessage.To = "user-one@domain.com,user-five@domain.com"
ReplyMessage.CC = "user-three@domain.com,user-four@domain.com"

ReplyMessage.To should contains only "user-five@domain.com" how all email clients work.

Thanks and Best Regards.

Applies to: Rebex Secure Mail

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Apparently, you are right. Thanks for reporting this behavior, we'll address it in the next release due to be published within days.

Update: We added a new CreateReply overload to Rebex Secure Mail 7.0.8720, which results in expected behavior:

    MailReplyOptions.ReplyAll) // <- use this