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I'm trying to connect to an FTP with SSL mode Explicit and it always returns
"Error: This method is no longer supported." which is strange because on 27-07-2023 it was still working without problems.


Ftp ftp2 = new Ftp();
CertificateChain certificateChain = CertificateChain.LoadPfx(privateKeyPath, privateKeyPassword);
ftp2.Settings.SslClientCertificateRequestHandler = CertificateRequestHandler.CreateRequestHandler(certificateChain);
ftp2.Settings.SslAcceptAllCertificates = true;
ftp2.Connect(ftp, SslMode.Explicit);

Can anyone help me?

Applies to: Rebex FTP/SSL
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Which version of Rebex FTP do you use? Is it a trial version or a full version?

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