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I want to do a secure connection and configure private and public key
and than export it to my clients
does the application created it automatically ? if yes so how can i export the public key
if not, how can i configure it ?

thank you

Applies to: Rebex SFTP
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Sorry, I'm not quite sure I understand your requirements. Do you already have an SFTP/SSH server up and running, or are you setting it up? In that case, you would have to export the server's public key from the server software and share that with the clients. You must not share the server's private key with the client, because that would defeat the whole purpose of SSH. Or are you trying to have your clients authenticate to your SFTP/SSH server using private key instead of a password?
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I will explain
A new "rebex buru" installation.
I need to export the public key (defiantly not private key) to the clients in order for them to trust the source
i donr have a key to export from another server, i dont care to use existing default automatic created PKI but icannot see where can i import the public key. i can only see generating regular encryption keys

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Buru SFTP Server does not have a built-in command or interface (yet) to export the public keys. However, you can use e.g. ssh-keygen -e -f <keyfile> to export the public key or PuTTYgen.