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thanks for this useful piece of software.

I'm struggling with attempting to change the path to "webRootDir".

NB : i'm on a windows PC
The exe file is here : C:_ARBORPRO\05SoftwarePackagesDatas\WebServerApps\RebexTinyWebServer

Your default initial setting is :

I tried :
but also (simpler, less error prone) :

I restarted often the server, I tested from a second browser.
Whatever I do, it seems that the value of webRootDir does never change, I'm still with the out-of-the-box path, no other does work.

Where is the error?

Thanks on forward.


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I have just tried specifying webRootDir with different kinds of values. Everything is working correctly for me.

Relative path to the location of RebexTinyWebServer.exe:

<add key="webRootDir" value="wwwroot" />

Relative path with dot notation:

<add key="webRootDir" value="./wwwroot" />

Relative path with double dot notation:

<add key="webRootDir" value="../wwwroot" />

Full path on the same disk:

<add key="webRootDir" value="c:\data\wwwroot" />

Full path on another disk:

<add key="webRootDir" value="z:\data\wwwroot" />
  • Did you get some error or is it just not working?
  • What path is displayed on GUI after starting the app? You should see something like:

    • Web root directory: c:\temp\wwwroot
  • Please, make sure you specify path to an existing directory.
  • Please, make sure you modify the config file at the same location as you are executing the RebexTinyWebServer.exe app.