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I would like to know the IP address of the machine that sent a given syslog message (similar to recvfrom).

How can this be done?

I can see there is a hostname field, but this value is optional and it is not necessarily the same thing.

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Applies to: Syslog

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The MessageReceived event arguments provide the RemoteEndPoint property that can be used to retrieve the remove machine's IP address and port:

// create a server instance
var server = new SyslogServer();

// bind endpoints
server.Bind(SyslogServer.DefaultPort, SyslogTransportProtocol.Udp);
server.Bind(SyslogServer.DefaultPort, SyslogTransportProtocol.Tcp);

// register an event handler for received messages
server.MessageReceived += (s, e) =>
    Console.WriteLine("Message from {0}: {1}", e.RemoteEndPoint.Address, e.Message.Text);
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Sorry I missed that.  That's exactly what I was looking for.  Thanks for the fast response!