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Version: Trial v6.0.8372

I've created a custom FileSystemProvider (based on ReadWriteFileSystemProvider) that's working well. However, when I create a FileNode or a DirectoryNode, I see no methods to be able to set the Owner/Group, or the access permissions against those. On my SFTP client, the owner shows up as "users" and the group as "0". Have searched documentation for "owner" or "group" and nothing showing up. Any hints greatly appreciated. Thx

Applies to: Rebex SFTP

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Unfortunately, Rebex File Server's file system providers don't currently support owner/group attributes, and access permissions are inferred from NodeAttributes.FileAttributes.

We do have plans to make it possible to specify these Unix-style properties, but it's not very high on our list of priorities because it looks like it's seldom-needed (probably because Rebex File Server is still mostly used on Windows, where Unix-style access permissions are not used anyway).

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In a similar situation. WinSCP showed a blank column however, interestingly when when using Filezilla, you could see the owner/group names!

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FileZilla only supports SFTP version 3, where owner/group names have to be provided by the server in the "longname" field that has been removed in SFTP version 4 and higher (used by WinSCP). Apparently, the dummy values in "longname" are what FileZilla uses to populate the listing.
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Are you using a FileSystemProvider as well? How much control over owner/group do you need?