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I am trying to download files from a UNIX FTP server, where there are multiple files with the same name in the same folder. I have not had any success.

When I get the raw file list, this is what comes back:

"-ART------TCP A ceunix     145593    10871 May 06 16:53 PGP EWG PREDAY NCFSEWG"
"-ART------TCP A ceunix      52564      751 May 07 04:43 PGP EWG PREDAY NCFSEWG"

How do I download these files?

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Are you able to download both of those files using a different FTP client such as Filezilla?

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I am afraid that when we ask the FTP server to send us "PGP EWG PREDAY NCFSEWG" file, it will send the same file every time. That would mean there is no way to download both. FTP protocol doesn't make it possible to say "server, give me all files" - they have to be downloaded one by one.