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I'm using the Rebex SFTP client and I'm managing to upload an entire directory structuring using UploadAsync using the following:

    await sftpClient.UploadAsync(
        localPath: Path.Combine(localPath, "*"),
        remoteDirectoryPath: serverPath,
        traversalMode: Rebex.IO.TraversalMode.Recursive,
        transferMethod: Rebex.IO.TransferMethod.Copy,
        existingFileMode: Rebex.IO.ActionOnExistingFiles.SkipAll);
catch (Exception ex)
    Console.WriteLine($"UPLOAD FAILED: {ex.Message}");

However, if there is a single error (e.g. access is denied on one of the files), the upload fails for all the remaining files.

Is there a way that I can handle the errors and/or specify that they should be ignored?

...or do I have to manually upload each file individually and handle separately?


Applies to: Rebex SFTP, File Server

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To handle transfer errors please use the Sftp.ProblemDetected event.

For more information and sample of use, please read the Transfer problem handling topic.

In short, it can be done like this:

sftpClient.ProblemDetected += (s, e) =>
    // Log useful information such as:
    // e.LocalPath, e.RemotePath, e.ProblemType, e.Exception
    // ...

    // Skip the problematic file