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I am trying to connect to a server which supports only TLS 1.3 from a windows 10 machine. Everything works as it should (it enables tls 1.3 for windows10 ) but problem is with deflate extensions. The server which i am trying to connect does not allow connection permessage-deflate is not enabled on client side.

I get error from your Dll " Unsupported received frame header flags: 0x40"

AM i missing something? Is it possible to enable this extension on your client?

is it possible to extract frames so i can manually decompress them.

Thank you

Applies to: Rebex WebSocket

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The permessage-deflate extension is not supported in the current version. However, we have already implemented it and it is planned to be released in the next version. You can try the current beta version now (build for .NET 4.0 and .NET Standard 2.1):


If you also need HTTP related classes, please download RebexHttps-BetaBuild8168-Trial-Binaries.zip a well.

To activate trial libraries, please get your trial key at https://www.rebex.net/support/trial/

If you need build for other frameworks or if you already purchased the library, please let us know.

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Yes it works perfectly. Can i use this in production? i want to purchase the dll. how can i procede.
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Hi, to proceed with your purchase please write us to: support@rebex.net. Thank you!