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Im using Rebex Mail 1.0.4 to save .msg files. These files are then opened my Microsoft Outlook. I have found that I am unable to open these message files with MS Outlook XP(2002).

Is this a known compatibility ussue? Is it possible to open Outlook files created by Rebex with MS Outlook XP?

Im using the following code:

Dim RebexMessage As New MailMessage
RebexMessage.Subject = "Subject"
RebexMessage.BodyHtml = "Body"
RebexMessage.Save("D:\rebexmail.msg", MailFormat.OutlookMsg)


Applies to: Rebex Secure Mail

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Unfortunately .msg files are supported only for Outlook 2003 and greater. It is due to usage of Unicode .msg format which is supported from Outlook 2003.

We are working on non-unicode .msg format to support older Outlooks, so it will be added in one of the future releases.