proxy-authorization header bug

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asked Jul 1 by tkhasss (180 points)

Hi! There's a bug in your library. If i set ProxyAuthentication to ProxyAuthentication.Basic, you send Proxy-Authorization header with credentials appended to word 'basic'. You write the word 'basic' lowercase, while a lot of proxies are expecting this word to start with upper case B, and therefore they (proxies) don't work.

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answered Jul 2 by Lukas Pokorny (123,810 points)

Hi, you are right, thanks for reporting this issue! We'll fix it for the next release. It's actually surprising how long this went unnoticed.

commented Jul 22 by tkhasss (180 points)
hi! do you know when will be the next release?
commented 4 days ago by Lukas Pokorny (123,810 points)
Possibly next week, it's almost finished!