Adding Servers to CRL

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asked Mar 6 by David BS (420 points)

Hi Team!

How is the correct way to include two CRL points (HTTS and LDAP)?

I'm successfully adding both using:

info.CrlDistributionPoints.Add(New CrlDistributionPoint(<HTTP URL))
info.CrlDistributionPoints.Add(New CrlDistributionPoint(<LDAP ADDR>))

but since I see 2 points in the certificate and not just a single Distribution Point with 2 values there (the HTTP CRL and the LDAP CRL) I guess I'm making something wrong...

Thanks for enlight me.

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answered Mar 8 by Lukas Pokorny (123,810 points)
selected Mar 8 by David BS
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Unfortunately, Rebex libraries don't currently support CRL distribution points with more than one URLs. We'll add this in one of the next releases!

commented Mar 8 by David BS (420 points)
Yes, it's a specific demand, I agree that it is not mandatory for now.

Thank you very much Lukas.