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When I call SetFileDateTime from Rebex FTP, I pass the DateTime.
When I set the date/time display on my window to Thai time, it works weird.
After calling SetFileDateTime, when the information of the file is obtained, the server returns it as December 31, 1969.
FTP Server : Synology FTP Server.
But, SFTP SetFileDateTime works fine.

Rebex Version : 2020 R1.1
File Time :
(English Time) : year 2020, month : 9, day : 14, hour 03, min : 18, sec : 29
(Thai Time) : year 2563, month : 9, day : 14, hour : 12, min : 18, sec : 29

(1) SetFileDateTime Request
Command: MFMT 25630914031829 mylog.5

(2) Get File Info
Command: MLST /home/Test2/mylog.5
Response: modify=19691231235959;type=file;unique=FD00UB5AB;size=1175;UNIX.mode=0777;UNIX.owner=xxx;UNIX.group=users; /home/Test2/mylog.5


Applies to: Rebex FTP/SSL
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This looks like a bug in Rebex FTP's handling of Thai time in SetFileDateTime. We'll look into it!
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Please check also Iran, Saudi Arabia time.
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Thank you for pointing to this. Those times also suffer with the same bug.
I already fixed it, which also fixed the Iran and Saudi Arabia and possibly all other uncommon times.

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This has been fixed in Rebex FTP/SSL 2020 R4. Thanks for bringing this issue to our attention!